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Wedding and Event Entertainment

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Slide Show.. A video show made from still pictures and video clips. Many DJ and video services offer this, but we can take it to an even higher level. While other services are happy using PowerPoint or other such software, we, at Special Occasions, have the same grade of software many movie and television studios use to enhance their productions. Many effects can be used to enhance the production; soft focuses, slow rotation, zoom in and out, and old style film look are just a few of the possibilities. And with the addition of video clips, special memories can be shown and relived.

Uplighting. These are lights placed on the floor at several areas along the walls shining up to provide an extra touch of elegance and decoration to your event. These can be in one static color such as one of your Wedding Colors and/or be controlled to change colors during the evening to change the mood during dinner or later during the dancing.

Static and Animated Monograms. Using a video projector, you name or initials, along with most any pattern can be projected onto a wall, floor or ceiling. You may also choose a color to show through on your name.

Dancing Under The Stars. Imagine a universe of stars filling the room as you and your guests celebrate your special day. Stars move about in a random pattern over an ever changing blue nebula background.

Dancing on Clouds.

Cake Pin Spots.

Wall, ceiling and wall washes.